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  • Business | Schumpeter The cloud is the fiercest front in the chip wars

    Data-centre chips were once a stale monopoly. Now the business is brimming with competition It is easy to think of the computing cloud as the placeless whereabouts of the latest Netflix series, your Spotify playlists, millions of wanton selfies and your digital assistant...
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  • Business | Schumpeter Is Nvidia underestimating the chip crunch?

    If so, so what? Jensen Huang is a man literally schooled in adversity. When the co-founder of Nvidia, America’s most valuable semiconductor company, was first sent to boarding school in Kentucky, little did his Taiwanese relatives realise that it was a school for trouble...
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  • Carmakers and semiconductors pinned by chips

    Carmakers are rethinking supply chains for the electric era 1. The sudden unavailability a decade ago of cars in “tuxedo black”, “rugged brown” or “royal red” highlighted the vulnerability of the industry’s global supply chain. The abrupt closure of the only factory maki...
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